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Bed Head – An Extraordinary new Calocephalus!

Benary are delighted to introduce this new plant at the 2017 Flower Trials® from today.

Bed Head is made for people who love the extraordinary. People who wish to add striking new highlights to their gardens and terraces – both for cold and warm times of the year.

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Fantastic Combo Plant

Benary's Bed Head is the first Calocephalus produced from seed. It's an eye-catcher, and a fantastic combo plant for that added splash of extravagance. Common names for Calocephalus include Cushion Bush, Silver wire netting plant and Australian garland flower.

The original Bed Head is a shrubby plant with waxy silver foliage. However, if you prefer brighter colours, you can also plant Bed Head in orange, purple, green or any other colour. Either buy coloured Bed Head from your local garden centre or just colour spray it with your own favourite shade. There is no limit to your fantasy.

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Combination tips:

Used as a structural plant, Calocephalus Bed Head allows you to create countless combinations. For a fashionable look, simply combine Bed Head in planters or tubs with Carex Zora ornamental grass and/or Senecio (silver ragwort) Silver Dust.

Combined with succulents, Bed Head adds a trendy, slightly bizarre touch to any tub or flower bed. Bed Head also makes a gorgeous show when mixed with pansies and small horned violets.

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One of the top combos is Bed Head with Ptilotus Joey® – both stemming from Australia. After the summer, plant Calocephalus with autumn and winter plants for colourful accents on your terrace or balcony.

Backyard Screened Room Planshow to Backyard Screened Room Plans for See the rest of this year's new items from Benary at their Flower Trials location in Rijsenhout, Holland this week.



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